View Full Version : Ukulele Friend and Supporter Needs our Support

11-03-2015, 04:14 PM
You might have read that Cypress Gardens have been closed "indefinitely" as FEMA, the Insurance companies and Berkeley County Government decide on a resolution. This is because of the devastating floods that occurred in early Oct in SC. The Gardens sustained 5-10 Millions of dollars in damage.

Many people (my friends), have been separated and do not have jobs as a result. One of them is our friend and GREAT uke supporter, Dwight Williams, the park manager.

Dwight made the Blackwater Festival a reality for us (as did a lot of his staff that have now been separated) . I am going to see Dwight this Friday.

If you enjoyed the festival, it was because he and his staff made it happen, If you had a good time at one of the festivals over the years, send me a quick e-mail expressing your appreciation and his support. I will print it out and give it to him with a card when we get together.

He needs our support, just like he gave it to us. He will sincerely appreciate it.

My E-mail is Ukuleleblues@charlestonhotshots.com