View Full Version : PLZ! I want to know this String's name!

11-06-2015, 12:40 AM
Hey guys.
I bought 'Martin S-0 Ukulele' from ebay.
There was set up Red Strings(2nd and 3rd strings are non-metal wound)
I had never seen.


This is my review in my blog.
PLZ! I want to know this Strings name!
Help me.

P.S. That was not 'KALA SF RED Ukulele Strings'
P.S. That is Red & Nylon wound ukulele strings

11-06-2015, 01:12 AM
They are micro-wound nylon strings, like Kala Pearl strings, (though the Kala Pearls don't come in colors). I've found two companies that make them. There is (was) a company called Magnus that was actually making the Pearl strings for Kala (might have been Magnum. I can't seem to find them now). And there is currently a string maker in California called Guadalupe. They do lots of colors and custom strings of all kinds. There may be others.
I see in your photos that someone cut the microwound strings to length at the bridge. This is a very bad idea. once you cut them they fray usually from one end to the other. Whoever cut yours was lucky that the knot seems to have stopped the fraying for now.

11-06-2015, 02:50 AM
Thank you so mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuch!