View Full Version : Single strings in the UK?

11-14-2015, 10:59 PM
Hi, does anyone know where I can buy singles strings in the uk?

Steve in Kent
11-14-2015, 11:16 PM
You can try asking Ken if he would supply a single string, email address is on the ordering page.


http://www.kenmiddleton.co.uk/Pages/UKshipping.aspx is the UK specific ordering page.

But his strings are so good I'd recommend getting a set to try them.


11-15-2015, 12:04 AM
Thanks Steve, I dint actually want a 'single string' I want to make up my own sets to experiment with.
I have used Kens strings but I think he only does plain nylon.
I am specifically looking for .022 wound .024 wound .034 wound & .050 wound.

11-15-2015, 01:14 AM
Ken doesn't provide single strings anyways, I asked him before.

11-15-2015, 01:41 AM
"Strings and Beyond" is located in the U.S., but they offer free international shipping right now. They do have some single strings in their Guitar section, search for the word "single".

11-15-2015, 04:28 AM
Great tip, it's cheaper to buy strings there than locally here in the EU. Ordered myself a couple of sets of Martins and d'Addarios.
Saw they had some single Aquila's, don't know the gauges.