View Full Version : In search of tenor banjo neck

11-16-2015, 05:57 PM
I know it's a longshot, but I'm hoping one of you fine folks might have a tenor banjo neck in pretty good nick laying about. I'm looking for one for a project.

11-17-2015, 02:11 AM
I see a few somewhat regularly on ebay, sometimes in the cigar box category under the musical instruments and supplies

mm stan
11-17-2015, 02:42 AM
aloha Justin, here you go
http://stuccu.com/s/Banjo+Necks-MbSLsTI-Buy-Exclusive-Deals-70-OFF-Save-Big-Lowest-Price-On-Banjo-Necks-Best-In-Stock-Fast-Free-Shipping?tgid=aud-137679236443:kwd-48020331&mt=b&keyword=banjo%20necks&ap=1t3&cid=62397804043&caid=552e8eb1b1b1c617cc4e6dc5&netid=1&network=g&aaid=552e8eb1b1b1c617cc4e6dc7&gclid=CjwKEAiAvauyBRDwuYf3qNyXmW4SJACX9-fXq74zqTrtRcXa3CUUzCk5MIcrYPJVGMYFFLUUFtCRzxoCUc_w _wcB