View Full Version : case question for Favilla baritone owners

11-24-2015, 10:20 AM
Those of you who own a Favilla baritone, what case do you keep it in? I got a beaut back in the spring and have been keeping it in a gig bag, which is fine for my purposes, except now with the heat coming on and the humidity dropping, I'd prefer to have a hard case to keep it in. The only hard bari case I have is an Oahu, which is too shallow - the lid presses down on the bridge.

I don't know if Favillas had a standard body size/depth, but mine is 3.75" at the bottom end, plus another 1/2" or so for the bridge, saddle and strings above it. So I need something with at least 4.25" clearance, preferably a touch more. It doesn't have to be high-end, a Musicians Friend or similar would do the job. I just don't want to order something that doesn't fit.

Any suggestions?

12-20-2015, 12:20 PM
The Musicians Gear baritone case (from Musicans Friend) fits my Favilla baritone very well. It is deeper than most cases and was just the right depth.