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12-30-2015, 04:41 PM
Need to free up some cash so I am listing for sale my Koaloha Longneck Pineapple Soprano.

This uke is in great condition. I really tried to find any scratches, dings, etc. and the only issues I could find were a very small knick in the headstock along the first spike and a small dent in the finish on the back. I tried to photograph this but it would not show. It is a very faint dent that can only be seen in the right light and does not go into the finish at all. I believe this may be from a button on my shirt or something like that.

The strings are pretty much beat. They still hold tune, but barely. If I were to keep this uke I would be replacing them soon.

This uke is one of the best sounding I have ever played (with newer strings). The concert neck gives enough room to do a little fingerpicking and I have no trouble getting all the way to the highest frets. The pineapple shape gives it a very sweet tone.

I am shipping this with a hardshell case and a herco humidifier (not pictured). The case has two closures and a palm tree design. There are a few small scuffs but it is in otherwise good condition.

All Hawaiian Koa Body
CNC Shaped Sapele Neck
TUSQ(tm) Nut and Saddle
KoAloha 5-pointed Crown Headstock and Fretboard
17-Fret Koa Fretboard (from the Concert Ukulele), joined at the 14-1/2th Fret
All Hawaiian Koa Binding on the edge of the Fretboard
Koa Bridge
Tusq (man made ivory) Nut and Saddle
Koaloha friction tuner
KoAloha’s Patented “Musubi” Soundhole
High Gloss Finish

I am asking $650 as a paypal gift and I will cover shipping and ins to CONUS. I can ship to CONUS only at this time. Please feel free to pm any questions. Thanks for checking it out!86907869088690986910

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BEAUTIFUL. If I could, I would. :drool:

02-04-2016, 03:07 AM
Still available. Great uke with a hard case.

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Is this still available?

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Yes still available.

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02-25-2016, 01:56 AM
A sale fell through this weekend, so I lowered the price to the agreed amount. Have a great day and thanks for checking it out!