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12-30-2015, 05:02 PM
Pono MTD w/ case/extras w/sound sample
Sorry for the typo in the title.

What you get:
A used Pono MTD
A used Uke Crazy tenor case
An extra saddle (lowered- for Jazz players)
A strap and strap button.
4 black Diamond bridge beads
Reverb.com tuner
$325 + split shipping cost to CONUS.

The story:
I bought this used from a serious uke player who bought it new from Mim's Ukes in April 2014.
This uke was a daily player for the original owner who played this thing religiously and went through many sets of strings. Although the fret board is remarkably clean and shows no wearing.

This uke sounds like a traditional mahogany tenor uke.
It is bright and rings like a bell and has a nice punchy sound.
Here is a sound sample with J71 strings. Now the uke has PHD strings, which I think adds a richer and fuller sound to the uke.


The buyer will also get the 4 Diamond bridge beads. (see photos)
These bridge beads improve the sound, make changing strings easy and protect the bridge tie area from long term wear.

The uke does show some signs of wear in the gloss finish. This is normal for a gloss finished instrument.
Especially under the bridge beads where string changing has marked up the gloss finish.

I have a Pono MGT. I wanted to try another uke to make sure I was happy with my mango. I am happy with my mango.
My wife said I could keep the MTD but I do not play it so I want it to go to someone who will play this very loved instrument.
The original owner hated to part with it and believes there was some "good mojo" put into the making of this uke.

PM me for more details or photos.
Thanks for looking,

12-30-2015, 05:03 PM
More Photos

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Even more photos!