View Full Version : Rocksmith 2014 + 6 string Guitalele?

01-01-2016, 10:01 PM
Surprisingly not a lot of testimony or information online about using a 6 string guitalele tuned to standard in combination with Rocksmith 2014. I've found one or two posts through Google saying the Yamaha and Cordoba guitaleles are hit or miss with being able to tune to standard, and when they can get close require specialized strings.

I'm wondering if maybe the Islander GL6-EQ would have more success tuning to guitar standard thanks to its 20" scale vs the ~17" scale of most other guitaleles? Update: I've found that Cordoba makes a set of E tuned strings for their Mini series (20" scale) so I think maybe they would work with an Islander, too.

I'm a new, only mildly interested player, tbh. I bought a cheap Makala Waterman all plastic ukulele a while back to start with, and have already put it down because following YouTube videos was just too slow and not engaging enough to keep me interested, personally.

I feel like the interface and game-environment of Rocksmith 2014 would keep me a lot more motivated to push through the learning process, but I have zero interest in a full size guitar. I find them large and clumsy for my small hands, and generally like the portability of a ukulele.

So I'm thinking if I could get a 6 string ukulele with a pickup to be compatible with Rocksmith 2014 (which I've heard can be fairly sensitive regarding tuning) that would be perfect for me to simply get in the necessary finger exercises for coordination and muscle memory, and learn some of the basics, and then transition that work into learning to play a 4 string ukulele without getting bored as easily.

Does anyone here have first hand experience with a guitalele + Rocksmith 2014? Or maybe happens to own/can borrow the software and an Islander GL6 or similar instrument to report the results?