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01-07-2016, 12:50 PM
I made a mini upright like one of those ukulele basses. I have a build thread on the talk bass forum.

01-07-2016, 01:59 PM
Awesome, now I have to build one. Had an idea in my mind for using a thrift shop adjustable cane with 4 feet for it's leg. Tilt to play, has a built in stand to just leave it and walk off or play another instrument.

01-07-2016, 05:11 PM
Wow....that's cool!

01-07-2016, 06:25 PM
Interesting looking instrument. Is it meant to be bowed rather than plucked? Plucked I imagine. Would love to hear some sound samples. Are there historical examples of this instrument?

01-08-2016, 01:58 AM
Its always interesting to see what others are making!

01-08-2016, 04:17 AM
Very interesting... I love it. Thanks for sharing.

01-08-2016, 11:02 AM
Thanks yall! I put enough curvature in the bridge and fretboard to bow it like a proper upright bass but Ive never played much arco stuff. I can get some notes out of it with a violin bow I had laying around but its not easy. Whether that difficulty is due to not having a proper bass bow and rosin, my lack of ability, or something inherent to the small size of the bass and strings is still uncertain though. As for sound samples theres one on the original talkbass thread link I posted. Ill try to put more once I get the piezo system up and running. Regarding historical examples, its the first of its kind as far as I know, the super short scale bass strings are a fairly recent innovation so there hasnt been much experimenting. Apparently kala is coming out with a violin shaped ubass but its a solid body and the bridge is flat so functionally its no different than their existing models.

01-08-2016, 05:53 PM
Thanks. What a fun looking instrument. I'm itching to make such a thang, but way out of my comfort zone so it isn't going to happen soon.

Patrick Madsen
01-08-2016, 07:47 PM
That is a cool bass CR.

Here's a photo of my good friend Brian Griffin of Griffin ukuleles with his three string bass he built. He calls it " The son of a gut bucket" It has a misi installed and sounds wonderful being plucked or strummed with a bow. He plays it thru a Phil Jones Double4 bass amp using a computer battery that KohanMike suggested on this forum. It's the little red box next to the bass. The bass really doesn't need an amp most of the time it's so loud.

The other two photos are of Toby Chennells new smaller bass design.

You guys are changing the musical instrument world. It wasn't that long ago where people thought basses were only good enough if they couldn't fit into a Volkswagon.

01-09-2016, 07:46 AM
Mike Chock finished one a few years back. I can't find the finished pics, but here's one in progress. It must've been a bit prior to 2010, which is when I started playing bass. I remember not taking much interest in it, probably because I wasn't playing bass yet.

i know this was after Owen Holt started everything with his Road Toad UBass, now built by Kala.