View Full Version : 5 string & 6 string sold as pair, cordoba and lanakai great deal!!!!

01-10-2016, 06:04 AM
wneed a quick cash infusion, 2 ukes, sold as a pair,
Lanakai O6...slothead, solid spruce top, ovangul laminate body,
low g, cc, e, aA. street price is about $ 260 new

luthier customized cordorba 20te cutaway electric soild mahog top, with luthier installed
extra low g....5string....street price is about 199.00 new.....add 75 bucks for luthier installed
low g.

cases for both included.

both ukes in very nice shape and have nice actions. priced for a quick sale
ONE PRICE $199 TAKES BOTH OF THEM HOME....shipped us standard mail services.