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01-16-2016, 06:30 AM
Just got an older, white label Kamaka 6 that sounds amazing. I am trying to date it, but there is no serial number or inside date that I could find.

Can you help me?

It has very unusual tuners that I haven't seen on other old Kamakas. They look like banjo tuners, so I'm not convinced that they are original.

Here's some pix:

01-16-2016, 08:30 AM
From your pictures, it sounds like:

In 1969, the gold label was replaced by a smaller interior label with a white background and the same trademark red and black lettering. However, the same double K headstock decal remained in use. From 1978 to 2000, a "Samuel Kamaka, Luthier" label was also applied to the custom ukuleles.

A new, more regal label was designed to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the company. This interior label has been in use since January 1, 2001

So yours is from sometime between 1969 and 2001.

They mention that the date was listed inside the uke, and they started using serial numbers in 1975.

I got this info from: http://www.kamakahawaii.com/ukedating.html

P.S. From looking at the mid-50s uke on this page: http://www.kamakahawaii.com/ukegallery.html#4hj6 it looks like those tuners might be the same type, so potentially original.

mm stan
01-17-2016, 11:56 AM
87488Actually white label kamaka 6 used those tuners called schaller from germany with the lockin screw started about 1974, but the first 6 string kn9wn as the liliu first made in 1978.. my cousin paid 80 bucks back then
I have one close to yours, yours seems to be around the early 80s. The white labels were used between 1970 and end of 1999
Mine is an older one than yours below is a picture. . I see you have a tiki kamaka too as well, i have a few of those as well if you need dates on them, i believe they were only built for 5 years between 1969 and early 1975
I hope it helps, happy strummings

01-20-2016, 04:51 PM
That helps a lot, Stan. Mahalo nui loa