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02-15-2016, 06:54 PM
How many of us think about the cost, in financial and human resource terms, of running the UU website? I haven't until recently so I looked into how I might help. I considered that signing up as a UU VIP best suited my situation. At $45/year it is a small token of my appreciation for all the benefits that this site has provided me.
Just thought I'd mention it.

02-15-2016, 07:52 PM
Yep, did that the first few days I was a member. Just renewed a few days ago.

02-16-2016, 12:14 AM
Very well said. Off to sign up to VIP. I've only been here a short time but it was been invaluable.

Inksplosive AL
02-16-2016, 12:43 PM
For the cheese!


In which I keep...

02-16-2016, 01:54 PM
For the cheese!


In which I keep...

That went totally over my head. What's the context/reference?

02-17-2016, 12:07 PM
UU VIP is a good scheme for supporting the forum. I signed up early on. I pay through Pay Pal and it just automatically renews each year. $45 equates to about 30GB which isn't much to help keep the forum going.

02-17-2016, 03:52 PM
Becoming a UU VIP has changed my life! :cool:

02-17-2016, 04:07 PM
I agree Hollis. I became one soon after joining and having it bump private messages from 50 to 300 is one of the major perks, not to mention supporting the site.
I also enjoy making comments under my name.

Keep up the great work, UU.

02-17-2016, 04:49 PM
Hear, hear!

02-17-2016, 05:15 PM
I have to admit that I had been very self centred by not thinking of the sustainability of the UU site. I was just having too much fun and enjoyment here.

A short time ago a sentence caught my eye about how you can support the UU website. At that time I just purchased some luggage tags and stickers (UU has great stickers!!!!) but a few days ago I investigated what I could do to assist further. Although not all can subscribe as a UU VIP (these are tough times after all), I would think that many could and I just wanted to post a 'call to action'. I'm glad that this post hasn't been quickly buried in the back pages.

02-17-2016, 06:27 PM
You can also sub to UUU, the UU University, which I did for the last two years. Great courses and lessons!

02-18-2016, 02:15 AM
Thanks for the reminder, Hollis, of how much work really goes into keeping this website alive and thriving. I can't think of a better resource for new and veteran ukulele players. I love UU!

Dan Uke
02-22-2016, 03:15 PM
Bump to the top!

02-22-2016, 03:35 PM
What does UU+ (the classes) cost?

02-22-2016, 03:53 PM
What does UU+ (the classes) cost?

Details here :) http://ukuleleunderground.com/sign-up/

I just signed up for the two week free trial and really enjoying it.

02-26-2016, 05:08 AM
I've signed up as well. A small amount to help support such a wonderful forum and community!