View Full Version : Risa Tenor Les Paul Midi Uke (mag/13-pin/piezo)

02-16-2016, 10:45 AM
Made in Germany--the best electric ukulele on the market. Black, mini les paul with graph tech piezo, and hexaphonic expander that allows a 13 pin guitar output to push a guitar synth, ala Roland or Axon. Sounds like a guitar with the mag humbuckers, sounds like a Uke with the piezo output, and can sound like anything through a synth processor.

All work done by a professional. Comes with a sized Risa gig bag, a strap, a capo and a Y cable. It's in flawless condition. A true one-of-a-kind.

Search youtube for: midi uke Dayn (the luthier) for many videos of this Uke in action.

Message me for more information. Trade possible: I work at a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and I would like to trade for starter ukes (makala dolphins, etc.) Ideally, it would be a distributor who could trade new ones with a new set of strings. This lucky person would make out, as they would have the difference between wholesale and new prices in savings! I know a lot of you are packrats, and occasionally would like to get rid of many of the ones you've accumulated throughout the years. This could also work, either in full or as a partial. Contact me with ideas, or just buy it outright at $799 + USPS (or your desired service) from 99504.