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02-28-2016, 06:11 PM
I recently purchased a Alvarez MDA70CE and it came with the Tenor Ukulele. Fortunately I discovered Ukulele Underground and am considering subscribing on a monthly basis or just purchasing the "30 Day Program". This thing is major fun. I'm interested in exploring how the standard tuning of the ukulele compared to the guitar - E - G 4ths until B then 3rd to 4th to E and how to create chord voicings across the fret board. So much to learn! LOL!

Any recommendations on which course to start out with here?

03-01-2016, 07:05 PM
Welcome and congrats on your new uke!
I'd try starting out with Aldrine's very first lesson for newbies.

Peace Train
03-01-2016, 07:11 PM
Welcome to the forum!

03-02-2016, 04:39 AM
That's awesome, got a free uke with guitar purchase!

I play guitar, too, and found the transition to ukulele to be pretty comfortable. There are some good YouTube videos to help you learn to strum some songs while you sing. There are also some good sites that will help you w fingerstyle or chord melody stuff. I'm truly enjoying chord melody right now, through books purchased from Mike Lymch's site. From basic, beginner level songs to some intermediate level songs.

I also enjoy playing some songs on the uke that I usually play on guitar - it has helped me learn my chords by playing some songs with which I'm familiar. This way I'm not thinking so much about the song, or singing it, and I can spend more of my limited brain power on focusing on my playing.


03-02-2016, 06:03 AM
What a great deal. Welcome. Be careful. If you are like me, and many others, the uke gets played more and more and the guitar less and less. I know many play both a lot, but the uke is just so much fun.