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Tommy B
03-06-2016, 05:34 PM
I've given up playing soprano, and I'm selling one of the "jewels" of my collection: a Weymann 116. This is a scarce, solid-mahogany soprano built in Philadelphia by a contemporary of Martin. According to the late Mike Longworth (via the incomparable uke artist Dan "Soybean" Sawyer), the Weymann and Martin companies, which were both located in Pennsylvania, were on friendly terms and traded instruments. Weymann sent Martin its banjos, and Martin sent Weymann a couple of its ukes. According to Longworth, the ukes were sent "in the white," which meant that they were unfinished.


The Martin influence is in evidence on this uke, but there are enough differences to show that it wasn't Martin-built. The scale is slightly shorter than a Martin's. The neck is a tiny bit chunkier. The kerfed lining is different from a Martin's. The uke has the Weymann signatures: beveled soundhole and model number imprinted in top of head.

This instrument was found in a barn (not by me!) and when I got it, there was more than half a century of dirt and grime on it. It took me the better part of a day to clean it off, but what you see was my reward. Other than two very fine, short and stable hairlines on the back by the neck block, this uke is in exquisite condition. By the way, that shine is just from cleaning and polishing, no refinishing.

In terms of sound and playability, I agree with Jake Wildwood, who said about another Weymann 116 that the sound is "gorgeous" but the build is "stiff." The action is higher than on any Martin I've owned, and not owing to any neck deformation that I can see. It's a bit of effort to play this uke up the neck. (This could be relieved by a skilled luthier, but I wanted to keep this one as original as possible.) But the sound truly is gorgeous: loud, assertive, punchy and very vintage-sounding.

Asking: $475 plus insured shipping without a case (will be double-boxed), or $500 with a newer Protec Max case. I'll split PayPal fees. Please email with any questions. Thanks.

Tommy B
03-06-2016, 05:37 PM
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