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03-13-2016, 09:10 PM
Was working on a concert fret board today and shot some photo's for the client, and thought others might like to see them too.

Indian Rosewood with a 12"- 16" compound radius. Block inlay of York Gum Burl. And engraved initials at the 12th fret.

It's just an optical illusion of the complete board having that much taper. Just the angle the camera was at.


03-13-2016, 09:47 PM
Nice fretboard Allen. One thing. Your clients name is displayed at the bottom of the images. I'm not sure if you wanted that.


Inksplosive AL
03-13-2016, 10:22 PM
Sexy! I'm not a fan of block frets but that is so much different.

Those frets look huge and remind me of the jumbo frets on my 80's warlock. I have a Risa stick I've been putting off refretting. Would you share the size or manufacturer my only issue is I'll need a zero fret slightly larger if possible.

Thanks for sharing. You can ignore my question, answer in a PM if you want or just tell me to push off. ;)


03-13-2016, 10:26 PM
The frets are about as small and low as you'll find. They are the StewMac 764 wire (http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Fretting/Stewart-MacDonald_Fretwire/StewMac_Narrow_Fretwire.html).

Inksplosive AL
03-14-2016, 04:35 PM
Thank you for responding so quickly. It must be how shiny they are up against that gorgeous wood.


03-14-2016, 07:32 PM
This is just incredible fret work. Looks like the fret slots are downcut into the fret board. Amazing. Could this be CNC work? Either way, I like it.

03-14-2016, 08:34 PM
Yes. I'm doing the boards on the CNC now. And the inlay tiles cut on the laser. The bit is only 0.60mm dia. and I thought it would be pretty short lived, but I've cut about a dozen fret boards with the same bit and t's still sharp and going strong. Probably because of all the mass in the machine and spindle with nice steady fee rates.

You simply wouldn't believe how much stiffer the fret board is when you have stopped fret slots like this. Even more so than when you do a bound board.