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03-14-2016, 07:59 AM
So, I've gifted my sopranos to: son-in-laws, nephews, etc. etc. I'd like to pick up another soprano. Maybe a mid-range instrument, but please let me know what you've got. Thanks in advance for getting back to me. I'

03-14-2016, 05:43 PM
sent you a PM

03-14-2016, 09:13 PM
Also sent you a Private Message

03-16-2016, 01:45 AM
Grab the Tangi just posted

03-17-2016, 06:29 AM
I have many Sopranos, I've Lost count ???? $100 - $1000+
Many hawaiian, Many vintage Japanese 1960 - 1970, 2000, USA mahogany (1920 - 2000)
What would you considered mid-range ??? needs/ desires/ wood/ Cost?
I would like to help you. I feel bad that many of these ukes don't get played.
Jamie UkeOG

03-17-2016, 07:52 AM
UkeOG, I've sent you a pm..

03-20-2016, 06:53 AM
Spring bump!

Jim Hanks
03-20-2016, 08:59 AM
You've apparently had at least 4 nibbles. It might help to list what you've rejected so far and why. You haven't given much detail about budget or features you're looking for.

03-20-2016, 09:33 AM
Soprano, I have a sopranino(great fun). Solid wood, mahogany cedar, koa. American. Mainly strumming little picking. $250-350 range. Thanks for the input.

03-20-2016, 10:41 AM
It's always frustrating to respond to "wanted" ads like this and get silence as a response.

Jim Hanks
03-20-2016, 11:03 AM
Hmm, solid wood and "American" limits your choices substantially. Sailor Brand is a little bit north of your budget. Spruce House S-0 or S-1 is worth considering though they are solid top only (all solid Banner series is over your budget). If "American" is not required, that opens you up to a number of other options like KoAloha Opio, Mainland, KPK, Cocobolo maybe.

03-20-2016, 11:26 AM
I had gifted my mainland. So maybe I'm missing something but when one sends a private message isn't that what it is, and not silence.

03-20-2016, 11:29 AM
Thank you Jim for your suggestions. I will keep an eye out for makes.