View Full Version : Is there a tool, jig, or fixture you need but isn't available for sale?

Gary Gill
03-15-2016, 10:10 AM
As I wind down my ukulele building adventures, I am looking to develop a product that I can make using metal working equipment.

I am not looking to re-design and build something that StewMac, LMI, or others currently offer.

Is there a tool, jig, or fixture you need but isn't available for sale? Your suggestions might guide me to a new design. Thanks

Beau Hannam Ukuleles
03-15-2016, 10:33 AM
Skill and talent

Gary Gill
03-15-2016, 11:03 AM
Skill and talent

This is more along the lines I have in mind. I could not find a ball-end hex driver with enough shaft length to allow me to fasten the neck to the body on a ukulele without a typical sound hole. Such as f-holes or a resonator. I used a 16" long screw driver. I annealed the business end before cutting it off. I drilled a hole to fit the piece of ball-end driver and pressed the two pieces together. When there is no sound hole, I drill for a pickup and go through that way.

Red Cliff
03-15-2016, 11:28 AM
A cheap, quick and easy to use instrument makers calliper for thicknessing tops, backs, sides. Something like this:


Beau Hannam Ukuleles
03-15-2016, 11:37 AM
Gary- I made a similar long screw driver allen key thingy, but i just bought a long screw driver, ground off the end and filed it to the allen key size i wanted. A hole in the end graft helps