View Full Version : On Ohau for the next 7 days, any shows we should see?

JB in Alabama
03-27-2016, 06:13 PM
I would also like to take another Hawaiian uke back to visit the Alabama coast for a while!
Thanks all,

03-27-2016, 08:05 PM
Go To Hawaii Music Supply AKA The Ukulele Site. It is on the North Shore, so you need a car or a long bus ride, but well worth the trip. Better prices and selection than Waikiki.

Shows - go see Led Kapaana April 2nd at Honey's http://www.ledkaapana.com/concerts.htm

JB in Alabama
03-27-2016, 10:55 PM
Moving to the north shore for the next week and that store is a MUST visit!
I'll check out the gig too, the info is appreciated!

mm stan
03-27-2016, 11:35 PM
iN town, kanikapila grill outrigger reef, hilton hawaiian village has 5 different shows, marriott pool sidebar, house with a key halehulani , koolau golf course, honeys, taimane at hyatt poolside
some nights holo holo bar and grill, Lolas