View Full Version : WTB: Sitarkulele or Baroq-ulele

04-01-2016, 07:37 AM
I am looking for:

Sitarkulele: these were sold for a rather limited time by mid-east.com. I believe they were only made in a single size (soprano or concert, I can't remember which.) They were sold with either nylon or steel strings. I would prefer steel. Bonus if it also has a case--I will buy that too.

Baroq-ulele: these are currently sold by mid-east.com, so I am just looking for a used one in nice condition. Concert or Tenor size preferred, with standard tuners, not the Baroque style pegs. Again, bonus if it also has a case--I will buy that too.

Waverley Street Banjo Uke: used in nice condition with the arm rest/guard

Thanks all!

04-02-2016, 05:21 AM
I have a baroqulele with the contrasting rosewood and lacewood bowl.
I took off the wooden pegs and replaced them with PEGHEDS geared tuners. The look is the same, but the function of tuning is totally different. It fits very nicely in a tenor padded gig bag.

If interested , contact me at thecraftedcow@comcast.net that I check several times a day. U/U does not get opened every day.

What are you considering for price range?