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chuck in ny
04-05-2016, 04:53 PM
i need some input on how to finish my production. our shop has sprayed a lot of lacquer over the years, it became a mania really, and things changed in my old age. if there was ever one to build a finish too many mils, it was me. i have gone half native now and produced my last kitchen with a mineral oil and beeswax finish, with only the cabinet interiors in lacquer.
to be minimal with instruments i am thinking of applying a wash coat of lacquer, enough to seal the pores, and not enough to build film. this might be a couple of coats of strongly thinned product applied by spray. that could be left to gas off for a week, and then the question is what to apply over that, something that wouldn't gunk things up and possibly affect response. this would be with no grain filling. would carnauba wax be okay? is this concept sound in the first place, that less finish material makes things better? i certainly hope so.

04-05-2016, 05:25 PM
As I mentioned in another thread, I had a 100% bee's wax finish guitar. It was pretty tough after you build up a few layers. I also have a grenadilla alto recorder finished in mineral oil. Both are super durable, with super easy maintenance.

How these non-typical rub-on finishes look and feel really depends a lot on the wood species. But I think in general, most consumers expect the look of a "normal" lacquer or poly finish on modern instruments.