View Full Version : Is the top strut on the sound board flat?

04-18-2016, 08:26 PM
Hi all I am very new to building. I am half way through a guitar at college and part way through a ukulele at home. I don't have a proper set of plans so have used the stew Mac template for the body and haven't even thought about the neck yet and I hope someone could answer a few questions.

Is the top strut flat or radiused on the sound board of a uke. On a guitar it is flat but wasn't sure if that's the case for a ukulele.

Secondly what is the scarf joint angle. On my guitar it is about 14 degrees.

Thanks everyone

04-18-2016, 10:33 PM
hi Miche,
having top strut flat will make life a bit easier when it comes to the fretboard to body join and I think most people go for flat top and radiused lower.
I think around 15 degrees is fairly common for the scarf.

but like most things with building stuff you can do it any way you feel comfortable with and always make changes in future builds.

04-18-2016, 10:36 PM
Upper transverse brace can be either flat or arched. On both my guitars and ukes it's arched. You need to decide how you want the geometry of your instrument to work and make that decision yourself.

Peg head angle depends on the style first off. Slot head or paddle head. For paddle head 14 degrees is fine, but it can be less. I wouldn't go more. As long as the string angle from the nut to the tuning post puts downward pressure on the string at the nut, then you are good to go. I've seen paddle heads as little as 7 degrees.