View Full Version : S/C ML-WB: Medium Gauge Linear Set on a concert?

Patrick Madsen
04-24-2016, 03:58 PM
A person asked me today if a Southcoast ML-WB string set would work on a concert. I thought they would or, perhaps the heavier HML-WB would give less tension than on a tenor but enough for a concert. She did speak with Dirk but he left her even more confused.

Her uke is too quiet. She's tried linear Living Waters and Worths. Wants a wound 4th at least and would prefer a 3&4 wound.

Anyone tried them on a COncert?

04-24-2016, 04:18 PM
I haven't tried the South Coast set - I get kind of confused myself by the layout of their website (just me being dense I'm sure).

Anyway, I have a Pono AC concert uke which I've had similar issues with - ie it can be pretty quiet. And I've also taken the same approach to livening it up - ie adding some extra string tension. I've had some success with the following Frankenset:

4 G D'Addario NYL028W 0.0280
3 C D'Addario NYL022W 0.0220
2 E Martin M620 0.0280
1 A Martin M620 0.0216

So, yeah -two D'Addario wound classical guitar strings for low-G and C (bought as singles) and the E and A string from a Martin M620 tenor set. Tension is about 9.5 lbs on each course and the Pono sounds great :)

Jim Hanks
04-24-2016, 05:15 PM
From a scale vs tension consideration, I would think the ML-WB would work best for D tuning on concert - just gauging from the recommendation of C tuning for a tenor. The problem might be the added tension on the concert, I.e might be too high unless it is well braced. I'm guessing that's why concert is not recommended for ML-WB on the site. Note that the only wound set recommended for concert is the thinner LL-WB set but that's just wound fourth and is Eb tuning. If she's OK with the Eb tuning, I'd start there.

Patrick Madsen
04-24-2016, 07:11 PM
Thanks guys. She's not into an Eb tuning Jim. I read a thread started earlier using a Fremont Soloist, Thomastik Infield C27 with Oasis-E and A. I think it was for concert; not sure. It was Wound low G wound C thread.

The uke is way overbuilt so may suggest she take it back to the luthier and have him sand down the top and bottom. Was why I was thinking of using the heavier tenor strings on it.