View Full Version : WTB/T Looking for a Style 1 WWII made Martin

04-27-2016, 08:25 PM
I'll buy or trade for a 1942-46 Style 1 Martin soprano. They are recognizable by the wooden tuning pegs and the Martin decal as Pictured.
There should be no mark of a metal knurl on the peg head face. If a refrigerator magnet sticks to the bar frets, it guarantees it was made during the War as silver nickel was no longer available and steel was used.
The price/trade value depends on the condition, Style & wood. I have various vintage ukuleles I'll part with, mostly sopranos, but 2 Baritones, a Banjo uke and 2 concerts.
If you have what I'm looking for, we will open up further communication with pictures and such.