View Full Version : 50 Easy Uke Chord Solos by Gerry Long

04-29-2016, 09:41 AM
I hesitate to "review" a ukulele instructional book because I don't feel accomplished enough as a player yet. But this book has been vey enjoyable and fun so far. It has definitely got my fingers moving and brain thinking.

The whole title is 50 Easy Uke Chord Solos - Getting Started With Chord-Soloing by Gerry Long.

It really starts at the beginning steps of chord soloing. Finger style or plectrum. The songs used are very simple. Bugle Calls, nursery rhymes, hymns, etc. They are presented in a way that has you making real music right from the start. It includes a CD with recordings of all 50 tunes performed by James Hill.

After working through about half of this book I found myself playing some of the songs in The Daily Uke as chord solos quite easily.

So if you want to start playing chord solos I think this book is a great place to start. It has given me a great foundation to build on!

04-29-2016, 08:11 PM
Thank you for this info. I had not heard of it. James Hill as a model is definitely appealing. Sounds like it was quite helpful.
I will get the book and try it out!
Thanks again!