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04-29-2016, 01:28 PM
Another interest check.

I’m looking to see if there’s one person (prefer to sell as a pair) interested in buying both my Koaloha Longneck (concert scale neck) soprano and Koaloha Longneck (concert scale neck) Pineapple soprano together. Price for both is $1,050 firm through PayPal including shipping and insurance.

Koaloha Longneck (Super) Soprano:

- ordered straight from coolukes.com (from Scott Hutton the owner ). It was dropped shipped to my house straight from Koaloha factory and it was adjusted to a low action set-up by Brian himself from Koaloha.
- This is almost practically in pristine condition except for the slight oxidation that I noticed on the frets. Beautiful koa wood. Played only a handful of times. No scratches that I can see. Original strings.
- Has a strap button installed by a local luthier.
- Built date 2015. Has been kept in a hard case all the time with Oasis humidifier.
- case not included but will pack it carefully and will be packaged in its original Koaloha box from factory.

Koaloha Longneck Pineapple:

- this was labeled a second as evidenced by the black marking on the inside right lower corner label. I honestly have no clue as to why this was labeled second.
- No scratches and marks that I see. Beautiful koa wood.
- Bought this from fellow UU member Tommy B sometime last year. Currently it is strung in low g. I can give extra low g single Fremont string (if you like). I don’t have any extra high G strings.
- Built date August 2011.
- some slight oxidation on the frets.
- came with a strap button from previous owner
- I’ve only played this about less than a dozen times and never left my house.
- Comes with a uke crazy hard foam case. I can throw in an oasis humidifier for free.

Will only sell in US.

Again, would like to sell them to one buyer. Thank you.

04-29-2016, 02:03 PM
Koaloha longneck pineapple





04-29-2016, 02:06 PM
Koaloha Longneck Soprano