View Full Version : Another Rondo Hadean bass uke mod.

04-30-2016, 08:52 AM
Having turned over my Ric mod to Eric's Guitar and Pat Wilkins to paint, I already came up with another mod of the new Rondo Hadean 24" scale solid body bass uke.

What prompted me to do this was Mimmo, the owner of Aquila strings in Italy, replied to one of my posts here when I mentioned that their cream colored Thundergut strings were too sticky and sausage (dents form where they touch the frets and from finger pressure). He said they reformulated the strings not to do that and is sending me a set to evaluate.

This one is going to be based on the Fender Jaguar bass which comes in a creamy white much like the strings (I know, I'm whacky) and a tortoise pickguard. I'm labelling it a Jaguarlele. I really wasn't sure if I was going to do this one, but after doing the mockup, I'm pretty sure I'm going through with it once Rondo replenishes their stock.

I'm going to reshape the head to sort of simulate the Fender (sort of), use a Bronco bridge at the tail just for looks without the saddle barrels but string-through holes to the existing holes in the Rondo, have Eric's guitar move the controls and make a control plate and tortoise pickguard with matching truss rod cover. Pat Wilkins will paint it.

http://www.kohanmike.com/uploads/Jaguarlele mod both 700.jpg

04-30-2016, 03:31 PM
Are the longer scale uke basses back in stock at rondo? I just looked on their site and didn't see any. Anyway, as usual, you have great ideas!

04-30-2016, 06:57 PM
Thanks Mark, I like my ukes to be different from each other. Not in stock, and they don't know when. I look every day because I don't want to miss it.

04-30-2016, 08:22 PM
Ash, so this is a design for the future, makes sense.

04-30-2016, 08:39 PM
Yes. The last time that new Rondo was available, I bought one with the idea that I will figure out what kind of mod to do and not long after I came up with the AudioVox Serenader Tutmarc tribute. This time it's the opposite, designed the mod and waiting for the bass.