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05-10-2016, 11:17 PM
Hi all
I am making slow progress. My next step is the neck and tail blocks for the sides. I wondered if anyone could give me the dimensions for the blocks that they use and for the dovetail. The only reason I ask is that I am worried about leaving the neck block to weak. For example I thought about the block being 50mm wide and 40mm deep and the dovetail depth being 25mm. That would then leave only 15mm depth left in he neck block. Is that to weak. My scale length is 17 inches and I am making a tenor ukulele.
My second question is the side taper.
Currently my sides are 80mm and I am trying to figure out the taper to put on them. I was thinking 80 at the tail, 75 in the middle and finally 70 at the neck. Does that sound about right? Lastly does that middle dip come in the middle of the entire length of the side or at the waist. I hope that all makes sense.

Thanks everyone