View Full Version : Help Identifying This Wood Species- Big Rusty ResoUke

05-19-2016, 01:47 PM
I'm rebuilding one of Russ Morin's Ipu Reso tenors and can't figure out the wood species he used for the back and sides. The top and head plate are a nice figured walnut but the rest of the body has me baffled. I went thru his wood room yesterday looking for clues and there were some persimmon planks that were close, but not close enough for a match. A little bit of back story: Russ gave me the uke maybe six months before he passed away. Apparently he built the uke (his last reso) in a "chemo-fog" and got the neck on crooked and the finish was some experimental epoxy goop that ended up dull and runny. I removed the neck, realigned it and put in anchors for a bolt-on fit. I also stripped the body and neck, sanded and applied 8 coats of TruOil. This is a really special uke to me and I'm sure it'll be a great player like all Big Rusty ukes. I've just got to figure out what it's made of. Thanks for any help or ideas y'all may have.