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04-12-2009, 12:47 PM
Aloha everyone!

Just want to say many thanks to those you sent personal PM's about the film as well for those who posted here on this forum.

Rocky and I really appreciate the support of the UU community here. It means a lot that the work was appreciated here and you understood the message of what we were trying to do.

We really want to send a message out to the world about this film and I know you guys here can help get that message out there.

So here are the specific instructions to post your feedback on IMDB after watching the film. (some folks had problems so here's the simple run down)

Here’s what to do:

1) You need to register on IMDB (it's free) & sign in
2) Search for The KoAloha Ukulele Story
3) Go to the "User Comments" section
4) Click on “Comment on this Title”
5) Post your comments!
6) And don't forget to vote and rate the film!

To place your vote (IMDB is so finicky if you don't do it right it won't work..)

To vote:

1) Sign in to IMDB
2) Search for “The KoAloha Ukulele Story”
3) You’ll see “Your Rating” click on history.
4) New page will pop up choose category “Must See”
5) Check the box for “The KoAloha Ukulele Story”
6) Click on Make Ballot
7) Rate your vote and click on “Cast Vote”

Sorry that it is so complicated. Thank you all for doing this!!

Here’s an example of one just posted on IMDB from a UU member yesterday:

The Miniature Masterpiece - Size Isn't Everything, 11 April 2009
Author: dagehamebad from United Kingdom

An outstanding piece of cinema and I don't use the word 'outstanding' lightly here. The narration and artwork combined so well to bring the story to life. It was a witty, uplifting tale of joy. This short stop off in the brilliant minds of Gary San Angel and Rocky Kev will bring hope, aspiration and belief to not just ukulele enthusiasts but anyone who who's willing to let their ideas in. I was engrossed more than I have been by any movie for a long time, that's down to my passion for the ukulele and being able to relate to the pure enthusiasm and love for something that this movie displays. This is far more than a flash in a pan and deserves international recognition in all the right quarters. There's much more to it than an outsider lookin in would grant it.

Don't worry about repetitiveness, or how you write it or spelling, just speak from the heart and how the film touched you as a ukulele player, KoAloha, UU, Hawaiian Moon supporter, basically speak from you.

To me the films message is so hopeful and inspiring especially because it is a true to life story. And if you are holding a KoAloha ukulele in your hands right now, you are part of that story.

And in these tough economic times, really we need a story like this for folks like Hawaiian Moon and local shops in Hawaii and really all around the world to feel inspired to help keep us going. Even though the film is about KoAloha and the first miniature tunable playable ukulele that started it all, we want to send a really loud hopeful message from this very small instrument that started it all.

So please help us get the message of this film out there by commenting on IMDB and rating the film.

Many thanks again! Enjoy the upcoming screenings here on UU! Hope you can still win a DVD! :smileybounce:


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