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05-31-2016, 03:58 PM
To the baritone players out there:

Do you have any baritone-specific resources that you can recommend? Youtubers, books, sites, courses, song sheets, other materials?

Thanks in advance!

05-31-2016, 04:32 PM
Here you go;

05-31-2016, 04:46 PM
Everything on a regular ukulele with linear tuning works on a baritone. Its the same instrument just in a different tuning

05-31-2016, 07:37 PM
Here you go;

Everything on a regular ukulele with linear tuning works on a baritone. Its the same instrument just in a different tuning

What they said ^

Understand that using standard uke chord charts, its the SAME fingerings on a baritone. but due to the difference in tuning, on bari you are in the key of G instead of the key of C on the smaller scale ukes

Also, ANY, yes literally ANY and EVERYTHING online for chords and tab that works for GUITAR, is exactly the SAME as for baritone uke, but with 2 less strings - because a baritone is tuned DGBE, and standard guitar tuning is EA-DGBE.

Baritone is not as complicated as some folks would like to make you think, especially given all the above (including the info in the quoted posts).

Croaky Keith
05-31-2016, 09:56 PM
I started a thread here. :)


06-01-2016, 03:12 AM
I've said this before to new "baritonists" (word?) just start out playing what you already know how to play using the very same chords. It will be deeper in tone but totally recognizable. This will get you up and running and enjoying the new deep, full resonant sound right away. You can worry about transposing later on.

06-01-2016, 03:25 AM
What they all said ... enjoy the rich and warm sound.

06-01-2016, 04:04 AM
What they all said ... enjoy the rich and warm sound.
For a little different flavour try re-entrant tuning on your baritone. dGBE. Something around .021 to about .024 should do nicely for the re-entrant d. So much fun for so little expense.

06-01-2016, 05:03 AM
I believe the correct term is "baritonistas."

06-01-2016, 05:04 AM
Don'r forget the Baritone version of the Yellow DU book


Croaky Keith
06-01-2016, 05:05 AM
I like 'barinista'. :)

06-01-2016, 05:58 AM
I like 'barinista'. :)

Belly up to the bar, and take a swig from your jar.

06-01-2016, 03:29 PM
This is what you get from a barista


If you have a new baritone, just keep it DGBE for a few months and find some music you like and play the music. .

Hello Bill1 from down under. i kept the quotes short because I really wanted the abc news about the lady and her morning cup of coffee.
It brings to mind that old Aussie joke.
""If your cup is only half full, you probably need a different bra""

06-01-2016, 06:03 PM
I thought the official term was "lazy guitarists"

06-02-2016, 04:32 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of baritone ukes. A couple of books that you might want to try are Jim Beloff's "The Bari Best" and "Baritone Ukulele From Scratch" by Bruce Emery, the latter a comprehensive tutorial and the former songs and chords. I favor the bari for finger picking and my tenor ( low g tuning, of course) for strumming. Another excuse for acquiring more ukuleles. Enjoy!

06-02-2016, 04:51 AM
Thanks guys! Some good links. :)

The "Baritone Ukulele from Scratch" book seems to be generally highly recommend. Naturally, nobody in Europe seems to carry it, so I shot Bruce an email. He responded very quickly and said he'll check on shipping costs so that I can buy it directly from him. Wish there was an e-book version of it.