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06-06-2016, 06:03 AM
I have a vintage 60's Kay ukulele (sadly, a wall-hanger at this point), and subscribe to the Kay Kraft -Stromberg/Voisinet Guitar Enthusiast FB group. There was a recent post on an eBay offering of a late 1920's Stromberg-Voisinet Aero-Uke. These were put out to commemorate the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean by Charles Lindbergh.

Very neat looking -
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Stromberg-Voisenette-Areo-Uke-/262468752016?hash=item3d1c5b5290%3Ag%3AfMsAAOSwnNB XUwhR

Any one here have one?

06-06-2016, 09:25 AM
Very cool looking! Would love to hear it played. The propellor is an extra nice touch!

06-07-2016, 07:02 AM
That one cool Uke.
IMHO ....It is over priced considering the condition.Those are some ugly cracks on the wings.Missing Tail Rudder,mismatched tuners.Still a very unusual piece.However of course,not many show up for sale.

06-07-2016, 11:08 AM
The first time I saw one of those was at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, AZ. Here is a photo:

BTW - The MIM is a great place for instrument geeks to get history, anthropology and music lessons all at one time. It is one of my favorite museums