View Full Version : Rare Shinji Takahashi soprano Martin S5 style - swap for Banjolele

mark howard
06-08-2016, 08:57 PM
Hi all,

just completing a deal on a S. Takahashi tenor, and have
made a decission to swap my beautiful Takahashi soprano
this was a custom build, as the label is signed by Shinji
and has a line on the label saying for Robert.

i'm looking to swap/trade for a nice banjolele, UK deal
preferable, let me know what you have. link below has a few
pics http://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/showthread.php?119586-Shinji-Takahashi-custom-5k-soprano-in-the-style-of-a-Martin-S5

thanks Mark

06-09-2016, 05:58 AM
Hi there, I sent you a PM.

mark howard
06-10-2016, 05:33 AM
Hi all

Banjo ukes thin on the ground? there are a lot of unsold banjoleles on a certain site in the UK, but I guess the majority of sellers are after hard cash.
so i'm happy to sell the Takahashi custom S5 style, make me an offer I have my eye on a 1970 era banjolele, so trade or sale works for me.

As you can see above, I have already been asked about selling, Thank you NatalieS for implanting the idea, I think the issue with USA or outside Europe
will always be the high insurance, but I am looking into a Parcelfore account for work, which when set up tomorrow should reduce my insurance/compensation
rate from the first 100 included then 4 per every hundred, to a flat rate of 1000 cover for 25 plus the cost of the shipping on top, which is dependant on the location.

so PM me with an offer, if you want more pics just let me know

cheers Mark

06-10-2016, 10:41 AM
Hi Mark. It might help offering a start price and then be open to offers. I've no idea how much would be right for this. It's a lovely uke and I might be interested but I wouldn't know where to start. It might be others feel the same.

mark howard
06-11-2016, 05:28 AM
Hi Matt,

good point, I was hoping someone would take the plunge, high or low either way, being totally up front I paid 1000 and I think the original custom build price was
$2200 + 1500 or there about's, as you know there are great deals on top quality ukes on UU, especially in the USA, but the crippling 20 percent vat and 5 to 7 percent
duty coming into blighty is a problem. and the risk sending and insurance is not without it's problems, whats covered and whats not wise.

I have been offered a Gibson ub2/3 deluxe banjo uke, circa 1960's ish, it's in Ohio, and the thought of shipping the Takahashi, and the trader shipping the Gibson, is like
a double whammy, not a trust issue, just two high end instrument passing each other with thousands of miles for something to go wrong.

So to answer your question Matt, as a trade I was looking for a quality banjolele Gibson ub2/3 worth roughly 950 to 1250 as a cash sale I am open
to offers, I suppose as a start I would like at least 850

all the best Mark