View Full Version : Wound strings for Kala UBass?

06-26-2016, 01:03 PM
We have a Kala UBass, and the E string is so large and floppy that it buzzes at times and sounds thuddy.
Is there a wound string with less diameter that can replace these? And does the nut have to be changed?
Do these basses all have truss rods?

06-26-2016, 06:59 PM
Hi Nickie,

kohanmike and mrufino had used wound strings, there is each a set made by Kala and also by Pyramid.

Amazon has them. They are not cheap though, like $60 I think?

I wanted to try them, but the price put me off.

I have NOT seen them for sale anywhere else, which really sucks since there is no price pressure from other vendors.

Also, Magic Fluke has a special WOUND bass set for their Timber Fluke bass, that are made for them by La Bella, they are $28 and only sold on the Magic Fluke web site here:


Not sure if they would work on other instruments as the ends of these strings are wound in a special way, in how they are tapered and you CAN NOT cut them or they will just unravel.

Hope this helps...


06-26-2016, 08:45 PM
I bought my Kala wound strings once from Kala and also from B&H ($30), I like them. The Pyramids are expensive. You might want to contact Kala about the buzzing, they're very good about customer support. If I'm not mistaken, the bridge on the Kala U-bass is adjustable, maybe just dial it a little higher. It's possible you may need a new nut.

06-27-2016, 11:17 AM
Thanks booli and Mike!

06-28-2016, 09:48 PM
You've to be sure that your Ubass had a truss-rod to put round strings on it.
I don't know if yours is new or not, but on the first batch, there's no truss.

06-29-2016, 06:16 AM
The round wound nylon core Kala strings are not high tension, they shouldn't need a truss rod, but having a truss rod is good in my opinion. I just put a set on the new bass mod I received yesterday, it does have a truss rod.

http://www.kohanmike.com/uploads/Ukenbacker done front.jpg

07-01-2016, 04:13 PM
Thank you, I checked and it has a truss rod. Mike, I'm looking forward to trying these new strings!

10-15-2016, 10:31 AM
Just put a set of the Kala Silver Plated Round Wounds on my Kala Rumbler.

Quick assessment: Much more of an electric bass sound, a lot more 'bite.' Have to be much more precise as far as fingernails striking the strings with the picking hand than with Pahoehoes or Rumblers. Seem to be quite a bit louder acoustically. For me, slides and bends are much easier.

Initial impression is extremely favorable, much closer to the feel and response from my electric basses.

I have another set that will go on the solid body Gold Tone soon.

10-15-2016, 06:52 PM
Agreed, with the wound Kala strings you definitely need to have better technique, I'm finding when I don't, the strings "fart" and buzz often. After using them for a while, I'm still partial to the Road Toad Pahoehoe, even the Aquila Thunder Reds with powder are too sticky and noisy for me.

Patrick Madsen
10-15-2016, 07:37 PM
I heard putting baby powder on the Pahoehoe strings makes them less sticky. Anyone tried BP on them?

10-15-2016, 07:48 PM
The Raod Toad Pahoehoe are very smooth, it's the Aquila Thunderguts that are sticky.

10-16-2016, 01:18 AM
The Raod Toad Pahoehoe are very smooth, it's the Aquila Thunderguts that are sticky.

yes, Thunderguts feel like Silly Putty to me.

10-16-2016, 09:32 AM
I find Thunderguts sticky and "burns" my callusess, especially on slides. A regular dusting with talcum powder makes a a big difference but is messy.

10-23-2016, 08:08 AM
The Thunder Reds with a one shot coating of powder seems to be getting smoother over time. I wouldn't want to continuously use powder on the Thunderguts, definitely too messy so I don't use them.