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06-30-2016, 12:20 AM
I have searched and read a lot of threads here about which strings to use on baritone guitalele and have tried a few different strings but I am not satisfied.

At the moment I am using D'addario ej45 classical guitar strings but I feel the tension is to loose. I am tuning the guitalele as a classical guitar EADGBE.

I am wondering is it possible to use Martin m630 baritone ukulele strings on the first 4 strings and use Martin M1400 Marquis for the 2 bass strings. I also hva Martin Silk and steel and MArtin Phosphor Bronze MFX130

I am afraid that the tension would be too high for the guitalele and I could break it.

It's a beautiful Alulu guitalele and I don't want to damage it in any ways.

I hope that some of you have some suggestions.


Pirate Jim
06-30-2016, 01:03 AM
Aquila make an E - E set for baritone scale length guitaleles, I think they're marketed specifically for the Cordoba Mini but they'll work on yours.

06-30-2016, 01:14 AM
You might need to use EXTRA HARD TENSION 'classical' strings for a shorter scale length than the standard 25.5" of a classical guitar, as used in most guitaleles, are 21", 20" 19" and 17" scales, to get close to that tuning to be not too floppy and to have anywhere near decent intonation.

Otherwise, if your baritone is close in scale to the Cordoba Mini, you might be able to use these strings:


Using ANY kind of steel core, or steel-wound strings are likely to damage or destroy the instrument since steel strings made for an acoustic guitar can typically have 3x the tension PER EACH STRING for the same pitches as nylon-core or composite-core strings designed for any type of classical guitar or acoustic ukulele.

Instruments built for steel strings are built and braced in a COMPLETELY different way than those designed for nylon-type strings.

Some folks have also had success with 'Requinto' strings, which are also for a shorter scale, and the La Bella FG114 string set which are made for a 'quarter-scale' classical guitar, but this label means actually nothing as it is NOT 1/4" the scale length of 25.5", it is an arbitrary LABEL and not a meaningful MEASURE.

Hope this helps! :)