View Full Version : Selling PONO MTDX in Europe!

07-02-2016, 09:37 AM

I've bought the instrument last summer. It was ordered straight from the Ko'olau factory in Hawaii and shipped to me in the Czech Republic. It is still exactly the same as new. Beautiful materials and craftsmanship. The only flaw I've found on the instrument is tiny dent in the neck lacquer - so tiny that it can't be seen in the picture. Took me a few weeks before I noticed it. The instrument made me really happy as it sounds and feels great. The reason I'm selling it is to help me finance my dream guitar.

So the whole instrument is made of mahogany with ebony fretboard, saddle and bridge. Strang with Southcoast strings (wound C).

I'd like to get something around 390Euro including hardshell Ko'olau case. I can ship around Europe or maybe you are planning on visiting Czech ukulele festival so we can make the deal there personaly? :) let me know...