View Full Version : FT/FS: Pono Mahogany Soprano

07-03-2016, 03:52 AM
Hey guys! i am trading/selling (no idea on how much i want for it atm) my pono mahogany soprano. i am looking for a tenor ukulele that is as good as an islander or better :)) my pono has been with me since february of 2012 but i almost never use it because i am a performer and i mainly use my islander tenor that is really beat up..

my pono is in great condition, a couple of dings though and some minor scratches but other than that it is in superb quality :)) and ill be sending the ukulele with a brand new set of D'addario Titaniums for soprano ukes :) no case though just the box that it came with from HMS :)) pm me for more details and pictures because right now i am using my phone so i dont really have pictures because its in my laptop