View Full Version : FS: three Aaron Keim ukulele books

07-05-2016, 07:29 PM
Cleaning out the bookshelves yet again, and anything that does not get used regularly has to go. This time I have ALL THREE of Aaron Keim's uke books - A Ukulele Handbook, Fingerstyle Ukulele, and Clawhammer Ukulele.

As I've mentioned in many threads before, these are the books I wish had been around way back when I was a beginner.

These go for $20 each retail; I'll sell all three for $30 USD including USPS Priority Mail shipping, USA only, Paypal only. Please PM me for Paypal info. Thanks for looking!

Uke man
07-05-2016, 07:31 PM
I'll pm you now.

07-05-2016, 08:39 PM
I'll pm you now.

Got it - I PM'ed you my Paypal info. Thanks!

07-06-2016, 12:57 PM
Sold! Thanks UU :)