View Full Version : comparo: Ohana TK35G vs Fender Nohea

Harold O.
04-16-2009, 06:34 AM
I've had my Ohana TK35G for a few months and really like playing it. It is solid mahogany, glossy finish, closed gear tuners, Aquila strings, simple binding. List price is $339, can be found in the $230-$250 range.

The Fender Nohea arrived a couple of weeks ago. I changed the stock GHS strings to Aquila. It is a koa laminate with ebony bridge and mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. Binding is an "aged abalone acrylic" (according to the Fender site). List price is $300, can be found in the $175-$200 range.

Both instruments are tenors. They are very close in size, though the body of the Ohana is slightly larger and the Fender is a bit longer overall. Both have a glossy finish. The Ohana's mahogany is more red while the Fender's koa is a little more to the yellow side. Both are very attractive instruments. I guess I got lucky as both backs have small knots in them, adding to their visual interest.

I changed to Aquila strings on the Fender because that's what I like. They settled in after a few days. I'm a strummer and have found both instruments to be easy to play. The Ohana neck is a touch thicker, the action on both came correct, and tuning is consistent.

My preference is for the brighter sounding Ohana, though it's hard to fault either one. I suspect I will tune the Fender slack key and learn to pick the Ohana.

Here's a sound comparo of the two with a simple C F G progression: http://hopublishing.com/0files/uke-comp.mp3

In the photos, Fender Nohea is on the left, Ohana TK35G on right.

04-16-2009, 06:44 AM
great comparison! I always wondered what my fender would sound like with aquila strings. actually when i got it i was given a set for free along with it, but i put them on my Kala. i love my fender, i cant wait to put a passive pickup in it also!

04-16-2009, 06:48 AM
That Ohana has indeed a very nice bright sound
(almost like an acoustic guitar)
But I have to admit I'm really impressed by the fender, very nice sound for a laminate i think...

Thanks a lot for comparing them...