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08-18-2016, 01:35 PM
Hello! I have a WONDERFUL Larrivee all mahogany soprano for sale!

I purchased this uke from d-mace back in June. I am selling due to some financial issues; the mini van has been in the shop and I need some cash ASAP.

Here is a link to the previous ad:


d-mace sold it to me with "zero issues" but when it arrived, I noticed that the bridge was lifted a little on the back corners. d-mace promptly reimbursed me a portion of the payment. So, I paid $500 total for this uke.

I would like to get $400 shipped (CONUS) for this uke.

I contacted Larrivee directly about the bridge lifting. The luthier that responded told me not to worry about it. I can forward the email correspondence to you if you would like to see it. After talking with the luthier from Larrivee and d-mace, it was concluded that after sitting in a UPS truck (ground shipping), the bridge lifted slightly due to over 100 degree heat!

I believe my price is fair and I will NOT entertain low ball offers, sorry!93478934779347993480

08-18-2016, 01:37 PM


Bridge photos!

08-22-2016, 02:45 AM
Price drop to $400 - that is as low as I can go, thanks!

09-18-2016, 01:59 AM
I will now entertain any offer!

I need to raise some cash quick, so I am super motivated!

09-21-2016, 01:48 PM
Hey! I really like these ukuleles. I have been following this thread! I am curious about the 2 lines (marks/scored?) below bridge?

09-22-2016, 04:00 AM
As mentioned, the previous owner said it was as new with zero issues. When I opened the box, the bridge had the slight lifting at the corner and the lines were present in the finish.

I promptly contacted the previous owner, he said that he had never noticed either issue. So, I assume one of two things:

1. The previous owner never noticed them

2. The heat in the UPS truck caused the lines and the slight bridge lifting

I will repeat...

This uke sounds and plays great. The bridge has not changed at all since I have owned the instrument.

09-22-2016, 07:21 AM
This ukulele is sold! Thanks again UU!