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08-25-2016, 12:17 PM
Paying it forward a bit. I have a great condition Lanikai LU-11 and Gator Gig bag I want to gift someone. Just paypal me $20 to cover shipping and I'll send it out on Monday (unless I can make it to the PO tomorrow, but it'll probably be Monday). Pics available if necessary.

First person to email me at jajafofo at gmail dot com gets it.

Happy ukeing!

08-25-2016, 12:19 PM
Very nice move, jajafofo!

08-25-2016, 12:46 PM
Nice way to play it forward (:

08-25-2016, 01:52 PM
Good job. Hope someone who really needs it picks it up. Quite a few folks here barely making ends meet.

08-25-2016, 02:04 PM
On a similar note, I am always hunting (usually Craigslist) for inexpensive "good" ukuleles to get into the hands of students. We bought a bunch of crummy Mahalo ukuleles (not that all Mahalos are bad, but these are bad Mahalos) to get into ukuleles...and since have had a donation of 40 Watermen from Kala and I would like to start replacing the Mahalo sopranos with Caramel concerts and so on. As we can buy the Caramels, I'll give away (or nearly give way) the Mahalos to kids (I have 300+ choir kids in my program). Not every kid will have a ukulele, but I'd like to see every kid that wanted a ukulele to get a ukulele. (Edit: We have about 43% free and reduced lunch population...so I mean to find a way that every kid that wants one can get one, even if their homes can't pay for them).

So if you ever have a starter ukuleles that you would rather give away (and perhaps have a tax write off) to a program, let me know. And these would need to be laminate or plastic (Waterman). I just wouldn't put a ukulele that needed to be humidified in the hands of middle school students unless they were really serious about the instrument (I teach in Minnesota...if you were in Hawaii, it would be another thing altogether).

Also pay attention for a fundraiser (t-shirt) that I'll be offering as a dual fundraiser for my program and as a donation to Ukulele Kids Club.

08-25-2016, 02:07 PM
That is quite a nice gesture on your part. I am sure you will make someone very happy. :)

08-25-2016, 02:19 PM
Thanks guys! It may hopefully be on its was to a new home soon pending PayPal!

08-25-2016, 03:30 PM
Very, very nice.........thank you

09-16-2016, 08:43 PM
Have you gifted this yet? I am teaching two children to play. Their father may be interested. Is the action okay?

09-18-2016, 02:30 PM
email sent!

09-20-2016, 02:58 AM
If this is still available I'd like to get it. Once a month I play for seniors at an assisted living home and I'm looking for ukes so I can teach them some easy songs. Dino