View Full Version : FS: Solid koa KoAloha KTM-06 Tenor six string with MiSi pickup

08-29-2016, 12:42 PM

Beautiful solid koa
Geared tuners
6 strings tuned g' (c'' c') e' (a' a')
Built October 2014
Currently strung with the stock Worth clear strings
MiSi Acoustic Trio Pickup w/ charge plug
Silver strap button on the neck
Case-rock hard-case

Original price: $1243
For sale: $950, includes shipping to CONUS, hard-case, humidifier

I've had this uke for about a year and a half. I used it to good effect in performances with fellow ukers - it has a very bright chimey sound, especially with the high g, high c and two high a's. It also sounds good with the traditional low a or low g.

The fact is it simply doesn't get the play time that it used to, and it really deserves to be played.

93787 93788 93789 93790 93791

Note: I took the pictures last month but I've had a baby since then, so I didn't get a chance to list this uke.

08-29-2016, 12:43 PM
93792 93793 93794 93795 93796

09-03-2016, 08:15 PM
Do you mind posting a sample of what it sounds like?

10-16-2016, 10:39 PM
Bump! This ukulele is still available. I will try to post a sound clip this week (I was testing low G on it, so I can probably do clips of both low and high G).