View Full Version : FS: Pono TE electric tenor

08-30-2016, 06:13 PM

I have two Pono TE's, which under other circumstances would not be something you'd file under "problems" - string one low G, one high G, and voila - total justification! But frankly I'm struggling to justify owning one electric uke, so one of these has to go.

This is an Acacia model in satin finish, with the regular passive pickup. Near mint condition - the only flaw I can find is a small imprint 3/16" long, like a fingernail mark. I bought it a couple years ago from Mim, and she set it up (perfectly, as usual) for low G. But I've since switched to high G tuning and it's perfect for that as well. Includes the hardshell case of course.

The price for this one is firm at $450 plus shipping. Shipping cost should run from about $10 in New England to $30-40 on the west coast. I realize the shipping cost could make this not the greatest deal in the world, and I also know there's a very nice Godin electric on the market here for less. But for now at least, this is my price.

I would consider selling my other TE, which is also acacia but with the fancier gloss finish. Otherwise same specs. The finish has a few more little marks & impressions but they're not very visible without a close inspection. I'd be looking for a little more $$ for that one, but feel free to pm me if interested.