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09-08-2016, 05:41 AM
If you are going to buy one of these..make sure it is the Pedestal drill version and not the Radial saw version ...Unless you have have a radial saw then everything is OK.:D

Co's ..The Safe T Planers X 2 I recently bought off eBay arrived this morning I knew that these were the radial saw version designed to fit on the saw blade shaft and they would need a new spindle making so I could use them on my pedestal drill, I had a piece of 1"dia steel bar ready for the job..and it was about then I realised that the cutters were set up left handed :confused: I thought Oh! Oh! of course the radial saw runs anti clockwise.. No problem ! " i'll just turn the cutters over and they will be right again" so I did .. I found a 5/8" nut and bolt to act as a makeshift spindle and gave it a test in the Drill...and it was rubbish:mad: the cutters are ground to cut left handed only....the package came complete with instructions and spare parts list, and the cutters for the pedestal drill model are bigger than the radial saw version so they are not interchangeable, also the cutters are fitted with left handed threads held in with tapered left hand capscews and will have a tendacy to come loose under load if used on a pedestal drill as they are...So I admit it "I've dropped a bollock":o (again)...The only real solution I can come up with now is to fit a flip switch on to the pedestal drill motor start capacitor, and rewire so that it can be run forward or reverse...Or search around for a cheap Dewalt radial saw ..I think running the drill in reverse is the best and most cost effective option.

09-08-2016, 06:40 PM
G'day Ken;

I have a Wagner Safe T Planer that I used once only and will never use again. I use a facing mill with indexable cutters on my mill instead.

It's been sitting on the shell for a decade. It's yours if you want. Just send me your address and I'll post it out to you.

09-09-2016, 02:04 AM
Thanks for that Allen i'll send a PM.