View Full Version : VERY old citole

09-11-2016, 05:26 AM
Craftsmen of old knew the importance to detail, look at this insane carving on this citole! From the british museum...

Croaky Keith
09-11-2016, 08:08 AM
Think of all the dust it would collect if you had it at home. ;)

09-11-2016, 09:02 AM
The music I can make with my citole isn't appealing at all, but I have it with me at all times regardless.

09-11-2016, 10:37 AM
Thanks for sharing this.

I've never seen one of those before - I agree that the carving is evident of a great level of attention to detail - I shudder to think about the time investment and to have the simple luxury of being 'allowed' that much time to work on something like that -

My life is such that this would get put aside as 'yet another half-done, abandoned project' mostly due to the rest of my life distracting me with 'obligations' that consume all of my other time...

I know it's impossible to make something really great in a short time window, but ideally for me to build an instrument, it needs to literally be a 'weekend project' - and my expectations are low for something that would even be worthy of talking about in the end - and just a disappointment

Michael N.
09-12-2016, 12:38 AM
That would have been done by a specialist carver or even carvers i.e. more than one. In previous centuries specialised trades were protected and the guild system meant that if you were trained as a wood carver, wood carving was pretty much all you were going to do. Years ago I visited the Victoria and Albert museum and saw a stunning guitar made by Jose Pages. The inlay on the soundboard was done to an incredible standard. Some time later I was somewhat disappointed to find out that the inlay was almost certainly done by specialised marquetiers and inlay craftsmen, not Jose Pages. I guess that was a product of my 20 th century view on how instruments should be made. They were much more pragmatic and had less romantic notions.