View Full Version : Big Island Visit

Pete Howlett
09-15-2016, 12:45 AM
Met with Collier Thelen at Music Exchange in Hilo today. It has been 22 years since we first met and he is still a barrel of laughs. Showed my some nice ukulele and introduced me to his picture framing landlord who invited me to see his koa stash and gave me the names of his suppliers... the generosity of serendipity...

Then onto my mentor's place to gossip and gawp at the most insane curly koa the world may never see...

Lunch with Chuck tomorrow in the tropical heat of The Big Island... it's a bit of a rural idyll, a bit more dignified than Oahu. Mind you, country is really COUNTRY out here!

Caveat: so I ask Bob, "What bird is that?" To which he replied, "That's not a bird, it's a tree frog!" Another alien species taking over here along with fire ants and lizards... And all we have in Wales is Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed :)