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09-24-2016, 07:13 AM
Unfortunately im selling this Kanile'a K-1-T SF uke, the reason why i do this is because i started to play electric guitar and this uke just stayed in case unplayed for few months and i realized that this beauty needs new home. I took care of this uke a lot, bought humidifier and applied lemon oil few times a month, so its clean and talking about condition its totally minty. talking about Koa of this uke most people said that this is the best K-1 model they have ever seen because the grain of the wood is amazing.
P.S. more photos in comments

Originally this model with this finish and their T.R.U. bracing system was called the Sound Monster. It is true, the tone is Monstrous. But not just excelling in tone, this bare bones Kanilea has a natural beauty. It is the entry price level for a Kanilea tenor, and yet it is to some the most beautiful. The satin finished koa has a really "woody" tone, very open. The K1-T SF can open your musical potential and enjoyment with the ukulele.

Koa Body
Rosewood Fret Board and Bridge
Paua Abalone position dots
South American mahogany neck
Rounded back Bridge Pins
Chrome Geared Grover Tuner Keys
Satin Finish
Polyester finish
Aquila Corde Strings

I also add hardshell case, 2 packs of other strings, 1 pack for concert ukulele aldrine's string (yeah they arent for sale yet but he sent me those), strap, humidifier, lemon oil.

The NEW PRICE is 600 EUROS + shipping.

i am from Europe so if you're from Europe too the shipping wont be too over-priced.

If you dont have Hawaiian made ukulele or want to try Kanile'a dont hesitate, i guarantee you will love this uke.

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If I lived over there I would pick this Tenor up in heartbeat , just beautiful KOA

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How much to ship to Oregon 97071

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check pm...

Halesowen Kid
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PM sent....

Steve in Kent
09-25-2016, 02:51 AM
Oooh, if I hadn't just bought a pre owned KoAloha.....

Nice koa.

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Beautiful. Can I ask where you are in Europe?

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i just wrote you PM

Trader Todd
09-26-2016, 11:15 AM
I have one of these ukes and love it! The Koa on my is not nearly as beautiful as this uke. I just love the woody organic sound of this instrument. Good luck with the sale!

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bump! bump!

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How much to ship to Los Angeles? Also, do you accept PayPal?

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New price! 600 euros!

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PM send. I live in Denmark

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*** sold! ***