View Full Version : Great Experience with D'Addario client support

09-26-2016, 06:10 AM
I mentioned it in a topic, but they were so kind that I'd like to open a topic about it.

some time ago I bought the D'Addario EJ53s, sold as 28-33-40-29, and immediately fell in love.
however, I once switched them, and while restringing them a second time, I had to measure the A and G (the black colour doesn't help recognizing the gauge!) using my digital caliber...

what I found out was that they were the Concert gauge, 26-32-36-28, and in fact the C buzzed a bit.

I wrote to D'Addario client service asking about it, because with Bass guitar strings is common that the "actual" gauge is not the advertised one.
the great support asked me just for a couple of pictures, and they sent me a new set (it arrived to Italy in less than a week!)
I promptly measured it, and it was as advertised.

now I'm really happy with it, and if I already loved the set, now it's my favourite af all.

so, cheers to the D'Addario guys who sent me the set to Italy!


09-26-2016, 06:50 AM
That's great to hear!

I just fitted a set of D'Addario Concert strings to my soprano, which might sound daft, but I'm tuning it to ADF#B. I figured they're more likely to be the right tension than if I fitted Soprano GCEA strings and tuned them up to D (and I happened to have them lying around). So far my theory seems to have been right.

10-05-2016, 01:23 AM
Good to know they have good support.

I just got a set of normal tension Pro Arte for my guitar. They don't seem right. The high e immediately bulged and did weird things and they don't sound right, compared to the previous set. I filed a query but I have to de-string and send them in. So I have to wait to the weekend, no time during the week to do this.

10-05-2016, 04:30 AM
I too have had a great experience with D'Addario customer support on more than one occasion. Awesome company.