View Full Version : wanted..pono parlor guitar all mahogany

10-15-2016, 06:29 AM
wanted, pono all solid mahogany parlor guitar

10-20-2016, 10:43 PM
If you can't find a Pono, Alvarez makes a Masterclass all solid 'hog with a 24" scale, I have one and it's pretty sweet. Super nice build quality that won't break the bank. There was a Larrivee floating around the 'net about a week ago, all 'hog, I think it was a Forum IV and standard scale but I think it sold, it's another nice all mahogany guitar. I don't know if you can get the Larry parlor in all mahogany. There are several 00 Martins on eBay or Reverb, it all becomes a blur after awhile. There is a Pono on Reverb but it has a spruce top.