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10-19-2016, 11:33 AM
After a recent thread about Ace ukuleles that was started by SoloRule I decided to investigate this uke maker a little more. Here is the original thread:

Once I found UU member and ACE artist GJ Lee on FB, I messaged him and asked him if he could tell some things about Ace ukuleles.
Perhaps other members might like to know this information as well.
I found the discussion very insightful. Especially the bit about the holes in the bracing. (This has been edited for content and understanding,also one uke maker's name was withheld because of a possible negative comment about that uke brand)
Here is how the discussion went:

ME: ...Also, do you know the history of the Ace ukulele company? Thanks

GJ:I am ACE artist in Taiwan , also hold(have owned an) ACE in Taiwan (for) about 3~4 years, I (was just a player) , ACE was just a new brand . It (is a) brand from China and made from a small team ... just about 10 people , the leader is a old luthier who already (has) 20 years experience.

ACE means top, means leader means best.... and the logo you can see ,triangle,it's not a traffic signal,it's the spirit of ACE brand.
Base of a triangle is means "fret" , frets influence many thing like pitch,sound tone,hand feel comfortable,volume......for ACE brand , these things is more important. so it's why ACE logo is.

ACE establisher (owner) is my friend , that's why I know all the detail.
Before my friend do ACE brand , he was already a musician , he play harmonica , but one day he know(found) the ukulele , and love it.
5 years ago ,there are no good ukulele in China , only like Kala... you know...

ME: very interesting

GJ: so he want to do a good quality ukulele is made in China , but price is cheap , because he feel (K brand) or other Hawaii brand is to expensive , and he feel (uke name withheld) is pitch not good enough and so heavy ..

ME: I have owned (uke name withhled).

GJ: for a musician or player , pitch is must important thing , but he don't know why almost (every) ukulele pitch is not good , so he want a good pitch first . second (most) important thing , he think is the hand feel , include the weight...so ACE is not heavy like (uke name withheld)...

ME: very good. I have seen photos of holes in the bracing, it must make ACE light in weight.

GJ:ACE weight is not only because bracing , in fact , the holes of bracing is not for weight , it's for sound~

weight is decide from finish and wood. ACE finish is thin then other gloss finish.

ME: so the holes make a better sound? I didn't know that

GJ: yes , these holes is not for weight. it's for sound because sound and air can circulate when we play.

ME: That is cool.

So , I am just a player , but these year , I saw ACE is getting better then better , I want to help him to do something ...For me, what I care is quality for ukulele ,and ACE quality is nice. ACE is not (most) beautiful, But for pitch , sound ,hand feel , it's really nice.

ME: Thank you.


10-19-2016, 04:56 PM
Cool. They sound and look pretty good. I wonder when or how we can get some.

10-20-2016, 01:13 PM
Cool. They sound and look pretty good. I wonder when or how we can get some.

Contact GJ here or on his FB page, he can help you out,he is in Taiwan:

Or contact his friend in HK:

10-20-2016, 04:21 PM
Cool. They sound and look pretty good. I wonder when or how we can get some.

G J Lee (the uke musician and teacher) said he will personally select a good one directly from ACE if you contact him through email
aceukuleletw@gmail.com . He is not related to the Hong Kong dealer. He is base in Taiwan.
It definitely sounds good and looks good too. Thank you Jason for the introduction of this brand.

I look forward to more reviews from you.

10-22-2016, 05:36 PM
Thank you Jason for the introduction of this brand.

I look forward to more reviews from you.

Thanks Brenda,
I have been in contact with the Taiwan and HK distributors.
Honestly, GJ would be the best contact for UU members and I think his set-up is going to be better than the HK set-up, for now. GJ's tech guy is also able to install pick-ups and strap buttons. I don't think the HK distributor can do this yet.
I will keep the forum posted when I get more info.
Uke on!